Two words to describe Mark’s techniques – FAST RESULTS! After speaking with Mark, I was able to gain the skill sets and confidence to approach the market in a different manner and without a doubt it works.

MY NYUGEN – Attended University of South Australia
September 1, 2014, My was Mark’s client

Mark Healy is really very good at what he is doing. He knows everyone is different. Firstly, he understands people well and guides accordingly. His strategies are unique and produce positive results.

I would recommend any graduate who is looking for work and people who are interested in career transitions to use his service.

NIRAN BALIKAI – Highly Motivated Graduate Engineer with Experience in the Field of Mechanical/Mechatronics & Automation
August 26, 2014, Niran was Mark’s client

Mark is a very knowledgeable person who is a pleasure to deal with. His techniques for accessing the hidden job market are truly effective and I have found them very useful in my pursuit for new employment.

MATTEAS GEWIN – Mechanical & Aerospace Engineer
June 22, 2014, Matteas was Mark’s client

To put simply, his guidance is magic!
There’s always a phase in our lives when we are not sure if we should be proud of surviving uni and achieving the degree or should we be depressed because of lukewarm responses from job hunting.

JANAK GORANA – Technical Development Engineer at Balluff Inc.
June 13, 2014, Janak was Mark’s client

Mark had some fantastic insights to offer in order to approach the job market in a unique fashion that produced visible results almost instantly. I even managed to attend an interview with my dream firm in less than 2 weeks using Mark’s technique, even though they had been under recruitment freeze for the past two years.

UBAIR JAVAID – Business Development Representative at Autotask Corporation
June 10, 2014, Ubair was Mark’s client

To all graduate students, Mark Healy is a professional who you NEED to get in contact with if you want a graduate/vacation job. Before joining Mark’s seminars, I was unable to find any vacation/graduate positions when I applied online. However, after joining marks seminars, he taught me different directions that I need to take in order to conquer these jobs.

PATRICK FUNG – Intern at RST Consulting

April 22, 2014, Patrick was Mark’s client

Mark is an expert in the field of engineering. He uses his skills and advanced knowledge to help graduates succeed in pursuing their dreams of a career in their desired engineering field. He has all the tricks and tips to help any type of person to get on the right track to finding a job. If you have just graduated engineering and don’t know where to start looking for a job, contact Mark; he knows what he is talking about.

LOTAN MANAR – Delay Analysis Consultant at Solid Support

Mark taught me a very constructive and effective method for targeting the companies which interested me the most. His coaching strategy allows one to become more creative and optimistic about their career choices and pursue their ideal choice in a very effective manner. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to get their career started on the right track or wanting to make a suitable adjustment to their career.

JOSHUA SPOONER – Tasmania State Manager

Mark has been a really responsible and professional career adviser, with his particular but straight forward way. He helped me reaching my dream job, which I couldn’t have reached myself.

THOMAS YANG – Civil Engineering Graduate, Research Programmer
December 22, 2013, Thomas was Mark’s client

Mark’s approach in finding a suitable job for any graduate or anyone looking to start their career is very unique and works great. The way he relates your everyday life to current recruitment system is thought provoking. And the motivation he gives you in the process of finding your job is exceptional; we cannot put a price to that.

I would recommend every graduate to take part in his career guidance course because he gives you a clear outline of what options you have in the current job market and how to reach those unadvertised jobs.
Thank you Mark and many people need your service.

AJAYREDDY CHENREDDY – Telecommunications Designer at ABB
December 3, 2013, Ajayreddy was Mark’s client

Mark’s techniques for acquiring employment proved to be very insightful and will provide results quickly. Many people do not take the right approach in finding work, however Mark can provide valuable information to change this.

SACHIN SREEKUMARS – Attended RMIT University
September 24, 2013, Sachin was Mark’s client

Mark has given me insight into networking with industry professionals and that has been invaluable and opened doors to job opportunities that otherwise would not have come by.

FONG M. LAI – Mechanical Engineer at Forge Group Ltd
October 8, 2013, Fong was Mark’s client

Mark showed me how I could get access to hidden job markets, and gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to kick start my job searching and business development. Mark showed me to think outside the box and this has lead to a wide network that already has been productive. I would recommend anyone looking for work or to grow a business to get in touch with him.

EDWARD SELL – Civil Engineer
October 27, 2013, Edward was Mark’s client

Mark showed me networking techniques on how to identify, approach and talk face to face to Hiring Managers. His methods have produced great results and I am grateful for his guidance. I would recommend Mark to any graduates looking for work in the engineering sector.

JOHN PILULA – Mining Engineer at Barminco
October 10, 2013, John was Mark’s client

Mark helped me develop the tools I needed to secure a job, and how to look for the hidden job markets. He helped me divert my attention to sectors that are appropriate to my personality type and career path.

NIRAV HARIA – Mechanical Engineer
October 1, 2013, Nirav was Mark’s client

The jarring transition between university and the workforce can be a daunting experience for even the most seasoned graduates. In times such as these, having someone, like Mark, with years of industry experience and knowledge to guide you though the decisions and teach you the ropes is priceless.

LINH NGUYEN – Export Documentation at Pacific Asia Express Pty Ltd
September 5, 2013, Linh was Mark’s client

Mark’s program gives participant two highly important factors in the initial job hunt for Graduate Engineers. Firstly, Mark gives participants confidence and processes to be able to find organisations that could be potential suitors. Secondly, and most importantly, given Mark’s substantial experience, Mark clarifies potential career paths based on personal attributes. Given Mark’s guidance, I have been able to understand what I can offer organisations, have taken on board his advice and program tips and have been able to secure employment.

JUSTIN GATT – Attended RMIT University
September 3, 2013, Justin was Mark’s client

Mark is an excellent lateral thinker complimented with terrific communication skills. He has taught me to think differently and I would definitely recommend Mark.

PAVAN DENDULURI – Graduate Engineer at Monadelphous
               June 25, 2013, Pavan was Mark’s client

Mark really helped me to think outside the square with my future career aspirations. He provided essential career counseling and really motivated me to strive for career goals that were a little left of center. Mark’s services really paid off and I look forward to consulting him for advice later in my career. I highly recommend using Mark for both career and personal development.

KRISTY ROBERTS – Asset Strategist at BHP Billiton
               June 12, 2013, Kristy was Mark’s client

Mark has given me the proper guidance needed to pursue a career in my areas of interest. Prior to Mark’s assistance I was doing what everyone else was, applying for jobs online on a daily basis with little results. However, within a couple of months of meeting Mark I was starting to see results and have successfully secured an engineering position that I am really passionate about. You would be surprised at how simple it is once you’ve been given a push in the right direction. I highly recommend Mark’s training methods because they really do work.

RAYMOND LOW – Engineer at UPT

Mark’s program really helped me to think outside the box in regards to my career progression. Within about a month I was employed full-time in my dream job. If I didn’t see Mark, I would still be unemployed and would have NEVER found such an amazing position. I highly recommend Mark and his training methodology. It really works.

MATT LYONS – Design Engineer at Mexx Engineering