Cost of Programs

Overview of Graduate Program PLUS International Program



The program covers you for 16 weeks.

For the past 6 years I have been assisting students gain employment through Networking.

I help you get work through my contacts and also other methods too numerous to mention.
There are two main methods of meeting people
Method 1: Contacting them directly 
Method 2: Contacting them indirectly
The videos and notes support our online sessions or our face to face sessions.
The graduate program is designed to assist those find work like yourself.
So Whats in the PROGRAM
Manual, PLUS
24 Videos from my private YOUTUBE Channel, plus my experience. 
In simple terms, 
I show you HOW to find all the companies in your sector in your area. 

I show and prepare your LINKED-IN profile to assist secure work.

I introduce you to appropriate people and associations and councils to assist you grow your network

We produce Business cards and target the right people.
I show you WHO to target and WHY and actually HOW to do this, all in the Notes are provided plus the VIDEOS, sequentially stepped through.
Finally we work TOGETHER to meet people in our profession within 2-3 weeks and then from here gain a better understanding of their current work load.
We will be BOOKING in weekly Coaching sessions 30 Min’s in duration 2 times per week. (12 hours of coaching over 3 months with the graduate coach)
Please let me know if you want to proceed and I will let you know the next step.
So what are the chances of securing work?
Most people after joining secure a network within 2 months, then they have to wait for projects to start before they can be employed.
The chance of success is approximately 75% of securing work in 4 months.
After 6 months the probability increases providing the students keeps the network alive to 90%, simply because your knowledge and network has grown.
Approximately 10 % quit.
Cost of All Programs is $1550.00 for Joining Covers you for 16 weeks


Seminars for Undergraduates & Graduates + Professional 


Seminars will be posted over the coming MONTHS