Project Coach

Why Coaching? If you need help in some of these areas below, consider coaching.


From all my experience working on projects I realise the importance of adding value to a project. What I have noticed that works particularly well on projects in Australia is the project management and engineering management. I put this down to the amount of training that goes into this area, both on the job training and formal training, similarly for OHS&E.

Most engineers believe that having the right people in the right positions with the right attitude makes all the difference to whether you stay or go. Therefore one can assume an individual’s performance can impact a team immensely, regardless of their title or position. We all know of outgoing, fun loving people with extroverted qualities who boost a project, particularly on those days when things are going south; they give you someone to talk to while everything settles down.

Coaching is a new philosophy that also must add value. The key with coaching, training or mentoring is simple: keep it in context, while maintaining the overarching principals of the company.

The key is to put more importance on client satisfaction & team satisfaction, but the question is, how? After all, there is more than enough opportunity with the general systems and procedures in place, such as project kick offs, design audits, safety meetings and tool box meetings. All these tools exist and are needed to keep communication healthy.



Respect Your Team

I have always believed that a healthy team that enjoys each others’ company can do almost anything, providing they are being respected for their efforts. This doesn’t always happen, but needless to say, most managers probably would tell you they believe they have this under control, contrary to the team’s level of expectation. This can be avoided and this is where I add value.



What I have also noted is that some people want too much attention for doing their work. It has to be a healthy balance, in other words. If you don’t feel appreciated from your management team, I can assure you, it’s not just them, but you too. This is as much your issue as theirs. This is where I can add value.


Avoid Making Personal Decisions

Keeping it REAL, avoiding issues, making decisions, causing problems and frustration – once this ball starts gathering momentum, so do people…straight out the exit door. This can be avoided. This is where I can add value.


Having Your Say

Having your say and keeping emotions at bay is simple, but if addressed infrequently will cause problems to propagate. Make no mistake about it, engineering projects are personal; lots of people with lots of emotions that need to be focused to deliver on time if you want real, positive outcomes that are repeatable, i.e. your client keeps giving you more project work or they approve all the extras and variations. Engineers tend to think people are robotic. The most important thing is delivering the project or a vendor supplied piece of equipment to site first, then they will deal with the personal stuff, reluctantly. This behaviour has been taught to you and is not correct. This is where I add value. People first, inanimate objects second.


Good Old Time Management

Engineers are generally pretty damn good at time management, scheduling and cost controls, and all the ancillary services that apply to a project. The key to improving your ability to deliver on time is to empower each person, and take responsibility to maintain schedule and budget in your area. It’s not one person’s role, but each person’s responsibility. It is not easy to make people do what you want, without making it more difficult for yourself. This is where I add most value.


Team Focus

Focus on a team effort, practice listening more, acknowledge what they have said and take action to move on a person’s request. After all, if you answer with a “Yes”, whats going to happen? Most haven’t tried – they concentrate on trying to control someone. It’s only natural they will resist, and it is time consuming. This is where I add most value.


Improve Listening Skills & Acknowledging Their Requests For Change

Two ears, one mouth; listen twice as much. If your team needs something, assume they asked for it for a reason. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and give them what they need to succeed.


Bloody Lessons Learned Won’t Go Away

Tired of the lessons learned? Wonder why they keep repeating themselves? Well, it’s what you focus on. Having each person improve only a small percentage each day and week can have a remarkable improvement on a team delivered project, and having a positive and inspiring attitude will make all the difference. As they say, attitude is a small thing, but it makes a BIG difference. This is where I add value.


Wrong People Wrong Roles

Accept who you are as an individual. Don’t role play a position on a team that does not suit you. Be authentic, be real and be yourself; it’s far easier and less stressful. When a person is in their element they perform well and the team benefits. It’s normal and healthy. This is where I add value.


What Happened To The Fun Factor

We have factors for everything, but nothing for the fun metre. Have fun in your role on a project. Be proud of yourself and most importantly, don’t take yourself so seriously. This is where I add value.


This is an interactive course. It covers the why, what and how of using coaching skills for managers in your business. You’ll learn through a variety of methods, including:

How: Short and sharp team facilitated sessions, not time consuming, including supporting video materials & mini lectures.
Where: On site at set weekly intervals to match your delivering schedules.
When: Weekly, fortnightly, monthly & at key milestones dates.
Who: Mark Healy will be your coach.
Why: Maintain momentum on your project with your team, and keep moral high and the project will stay on track.