Graduate to employment program

This program is about giving you the skills you require to engage with the marketplace correctly, in a simple, safe and effective way that’s enjoyable.

It’s easy to be become disheartened when applying online, but when you network correctly, finding work becomes far easier & more enjoyable.

What’s Inside:

Access is granted to those who have enrolled in the course. All the materials can be accessed from any mobile, tablet or laptop, no matter where you are.

Step by step videos and written materials are provided to assist you in finding the engineering role you have always wanted over 2 full weeks.

8 Simple Steps Away:


Graduate Engineering Program shows you how to research and access companies that you will not have heard of or realised existed.


Step by step tutorials on how to access the right people and more importantly, why you need to target these people.


Establish a small and functional network that’s in the area you want to work in. Learn the real benefits of small, medium, large and super sized companies.


What to look for in an employer. Learn and develop the skills they need to hear from you and what you can expect from them in return.


Learn how to market yourself correctly; it’s not all about resumes, cover letters and online job applications.


How to get face to face with the right people. Learn a step by step process on how to meet the right people in the right area that suits you. It’s safe, simple & effective.


How long does this all take? Learn how to set realistic goals to gain employment. Even if you have been looking for > 2 years, it’s not too late as long as you’re passionate about what you do.


Learn the power of commitment. When one is committed, all acts of resourcefulness become available to the individual. Put a strategy in place and learn how to follow through to solve visa issues.